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Driving Sales and Engagement through Intelligent Point of Sale

We explore the benefits of software point of sale (SoftPOS) systems for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). As traditional point of sale (POS) devices can be complicated, inflexible, and expensive, SoftPOS systems offer SMEs an accessible, cost-effective, and flexible payment platform that can optimize their business operations. This article presents SoftPOS as an innovative solution to a common problem, providing valuable information to SME decision-makers looking for a competitive edge in markets and customers.

Smart and Intelligent: Payments redefined

Fintech market to reach $305 billion by 2025, with SoftPOS solutions set to increase 500%. Managed connectivity and mobile device management are crucial for SoftPOS providers, enabling refined payment processes and lowering barriers to entry. Connectivity and management capabilities determine success of smart solutions, and platform-enabled connectivity and device management ensure accountability and visibility. Robust management is necessary to maximize sales and avoid missed transactions.

Halo Dot Achieves Visa Ready Certification for Tap to Phone SDK

Earlier this year, Visa published new security standards for Software Development Kits (SDKs) that enable secure digital payment acceptance on consumer mobile devices. This certification is known as a ‘Full SDK’ and this provides significant benefits over the previous standard. Integrators who use the Full SDK no longer need to submit their payment application to a PCI laboratory for a security assessment, saving them time and thousands of dollars

Welcome to the next generation of Point of Sale (POS)

It’s hard to believe that a DVD mail-order business has redefined what it means to stream digital content for the global age. And yet, that is precisely what Netflix has done. From its humble postal beginnings in 1998, the streaming service is now a household name and a global presence. This is the ultimate showcase of how innovations in technology can reshape an entire industry, and this is precisely what software point of sale is doing.

The stickiness of security for customer trust and seamless transaction

The McKinsey 2020 Digital Payments Consumer Survey found that digital payments continue to grow in adoption and relevance. Smart solutions that offer accessible and easy digital transactions are increasingly becoming essential to consumer stickiness and engagement. However, as these solutions evolve, so must the security surrounding them to ensure that both retailer and consumer are protected. This is particularly relevant with software Point-of-Sale (POS) platforms which are gaining traction in the payments space.

Bringing the tech and the fin to Money20/20

Money20/20 is the premier event in the worlds Fintech calendar. Global leaders take the stage to discuss their learnings and ideas, new Fintech entrants and ambitious entrepreneurs in search of customers showcase their innovative products and services. According to Pierre Aurel, Product Director at Halo Dot, the event is the Fintech equivalent of the Oscars where global players, investors and vendors discover the innovators that count.

Seamless, Speedy and Secure: The Lowdown on Halo Dot

We live in a world where ease and speed are expected - our impatience grows stronger every day. This doesn’t stem from a sense of entitlement but is a product of constant evolution and innovation. This applies especially to making payments.

Halo Dot, Ukheshe Technologies partner for global mobile payment innovation

Halo Dot, the developers of a contactless card payment technology that allows merchants to make sales and accept payments directly on their mobile phones, and Ukheshe Technologies, a global embedded finance enabler, have entered a strategic partnership.

6 Reasons why Halo Dot is a game-changing technology

Halo Dot is a contactless card payment technology that allows merchants to make sales and accept payments directly on their mobile phones. It has the potential to massively disrupt how payments take place in a digitally-driven world. Pierre Aurel, Head of Product at Halo Dot, explains the reasons why merchants and their customers should embrace this technology.

A changing payments landscape for small businesses

Managing customer payments is one of the most critical components to help ensure the longevity of a small business in South Africa. This is especially the case when it comes to informal traders, micro-businesses, and others who might not have the systems in place to deal with card transactions, according to Craig Leppan, Head of Business Development at Halo Dot.

What is NFC technology and how is it already part of your life?

You may not know what the acronym stands for, but chances are, you are already benefitting from this technology.

The payment journey: from hardware to software

All roads lead to Rome and modern-day Rome is the mobile phone. From radios to alarm clocks, calculators and maps, the final destination of all these clunky devices has been architected into one device that lives in our pocket.

Contactless payments the future of African micro-payments

While cash was always considered to be king, that is no longer the case with consumers across Africa moving to alternative payment methods for convenience and safety reasons.

The five ways Covid has changed behaviour and the payment solution designed to meet our new criteria

Covid is many horrific things, but it is also an accelerator of progress. Perhaps we would have got to the same place eventually, but it would have taken years.

SoftPOS and Snake Oil

Half of all innovation is just talking about it. The more innovative your idea or product is, the more you need to work at creating the awareness and hype that will fuel the demand for your product.