Responsible Disclosure Program Policy

At Halo Dot, the security of our users’ data is our priority. The purpose of this page (the “Responsible Disclosure Program”) is to provide you with all the information you need if you have discovered or believe to have discovered a potential vulnerability in any of our services.


The primary concern here at Halodot is security. This page is to provide the public with all the information needed to disclose a potential vulnerability in any of our services. We are committed to ensuring our security is top tier and really appreciate the help of our community to achieve this. To make sure that any disclosures are made responsibly please ensure you follow the terms below:

Responsible Disclosure Form

Summary title

Help us get an idea of what this vulnerability is about.

Technical severity

The Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy is the baseline guide used for classifying technical severity.

Vulnerability details
URL / Location of vulnerability (optional)

For example:


Describe the vulnerability and its impact.

Provide a proof of concept or replication steps.

Maximum 25,000 characters.


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