About Halo Dot

Simplify and demystify technology in everyday payments, creating inclusion and removing barriers.

What is Halo Dot?

Halo Dot is first-in-Africa technology that allows merchants to accept payments on their phones. Customers simply tap their card on the Merchant’s phone to process a contactless payment. Transactions below the contactless limit (R500) do not require a PIN, making it perfect for the low-touch economy.

Our Tap-on-Phone technology has been developed for Android devices and has been certified for Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The technology is available as a pre-certified SoftPOS App for Merchants, or as an SDK for payment solution providers to integrate into their own Apps.

Easy to Get Started

Using halo Dot is simple. Download the app, enter your credentials and begin trading. You no longer need to purchase POS devices, pay installation and start-up fees or large percentages of your profits.

Single NFC Android Device

All you need is an NFC enabled Android Device. No more need for unnecessary devices or paper jams because nothing should get in the way of you accepting a payment.

Latest Contactless Technology

halo Dot makes use of the latest contactless technology as traditional POS terminals, not compromising on any security, upkeep and maintenance costs.

Tap on Phone made easy...


SoftPOS App for Merchants using the Halo SDK, or the white-labeled App from Halo Dot.

No upfront investment for terminals.

No waiting periods, delivery logistics, installation or training.

No maintenance required.

No consumables.

No infrastructure required.


eCommerce transactions are authorised via a push message to the consumer’s phone.

Reduced transaction fees.

Fewer chargebacks.

Reduced online fraud.

Increase sales.

Eliminate POS terminals needed for COD orders.


Use Tap on Phone to facilitate Authenticated Collections.

Increased access to DebiCheck.

Reduced customer friction.

DebiCheckSDK provides access to an unlimited number of businesses.