Our Story

Halo Dot – the fintech start-up incubated by Synthesis.

Our story began in 2019 when Synthesis created the first version of the Halo.SDK. After seeing the potential for the product and the problem it solved, Synthesis repositioned Halo Dot as a start-up within the business, forming a strategy and creating the Halo Dot brand.

They successfully repositioned Halo Dot as a start-up within the business, forming a strategy and creating the Halo Dot brand.

After securing the support of Synthesis, Halo Dot was officially funded and incorporated as a subsidiary of Synthesis Software Technologies in 2022. Halo Dot is committed to fulfilling its vision and accelerating payment acceptance for businesses everywhere.

Synthesis LogoHalo Dot LogoImage grid featuring mockups of Halodot events, team members, and product showcases.
The Big Idea.

It all started with the Proof of Concept request from Nedbank and Mastercard to build a payment kernel for a mobile phone. Experimenting with NFC on an Android phone & contactless payments.

Realising a whole world of potential lay ahead.

First Achievements

It was a busy year as Halo achieved L2 Certification for the Mastercard and Visa Kernels we developed, followed by a security evaluation and L3 certifications.

Tap on Phone functionality launched with Nedbank in June 2020, making us the first SoftPOS solution in Africa.

More Innovation.

Moving beyond the contactless limit, we developed & launched software-based PIN Entry, unlocking high-value payment acceptance for SoftPOS.

Halo Dot sponsored the Money20/20 event demonstrating that the era for SoftPOS had arrived.

New Beginnings.

The business is officially incorporated in Europe, ready to serve customers across the globe.

We launched new range of products and sponsored multiple Fintech events in Europe and the US.

Beyond SoftPOS.

Halo continues to innovate and develop new value-added features & integrations to simplify business & helping young businesses grow.

How can we help you?

The key to our success

Halodot mobile mockup demonstrating a contactless card transaction.

Our Purpose

We believe in the rapid democratisation of payment acceptance, empowering people to trade more easily and cost-effectively, improving sales and allowing them to thrive.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted technology provider for payment acceptance.

Image of a happy customer wearing a black facecap.
Image of a lady actively interacting with the Halodot dashboard

Our Mission

We enable developers to seamlessly embed payments into any form factor, supported by our world-class products and services, making us their favourite embedded payment provider.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Halodot team member picture
Managing Director

Gareth Corbishley

Halodot team member picture
Head of Technology

Kieron Ekron

Halodot team member picture
Head of Product and Operations

Jonathan Jacobs

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