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Halo Dot provides certified, secure and modular software that allows merchants to accept contactless payments directly on their mobile phone. Our products turn any mobile device into a virtual point of sale terminal, powered by software with no extra hardware.

Halo Dot is available to Acquirers, Aggregators, Payment Facilitators, and any Developers that are integrating payments into their Apps.

Halodot go mockup, showcasing the user interface design and features of the application. The mockup displays the main screen with various icons and buttons for navigation and interaction

Trusted SoftPOS solutions that enable Tap to Pay on any mobile device. Available globally, powered by AWS cloud technology.

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Accessible on Web and Mobile

Halo Dot software can be used on any NFC-based Android device to accept card payments. Our cloud-based Terminal Management System (TMS) is available to integrators and merchants to review transaction details and manage their users and devices.

PCI MPoC Compliance

Halo Dot is excited to announce that we have started our preparation for the new PCI MPoC standard and will soon be certified. This adds to our previous achievements during the scheme pilots, and includes our Visa Full SDK approval.

Benefits of Halo Dot and its unique SoftPOS solution.

SoftPOS is a collection of components that operate together.

Payment Orchestration

Halo Dot connects to different gateways or processors and can facilitate dynamic routing.

PIN on Glass

Halo Dot  provides secure PIN Entry for  transactions above the contactless limit.


Multiple integration options are available to Acquirers and Payfac’s.

Cloud POS

Powered by AWS, our Cloud POS Platform provides global availability and terminals.

We accept major brands and local schemes

Experience it yourself

Download Halo.Go from the Google Play Store and experience a contactless payment on your own device. All transactions are voided so there are no charges.

Get Halodot Go on Google Playstore

Our Offerings

Halo Dot provides various implementation options, ranging from stand-alone white-label Apps through to fully integrated SDKs

Mockup image of Halodot Go mobile interface with VISA, American Express, and Mastercard payment options.
Halo.go logo

Halo.Go has been developed to showcase the Tap-on-Phone experience and allows you to experiment and explore our game changing technology.
Halo.Go allows you to experience the MAGIC of contactless payments from the comfort of your own device.

Mockup image of Halodot Plus mobile interface featuring custom branding options.
Halodot Plus Logo

Halo.Plus is a feature rich application that allows you to apply your brand to a pre-certified app. Halo.Plus is great for any business that wants to easily accept payments without taking on any in-house development or PCI compliance related to SoftPOS.

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Mockup image of Halodot Link mobile interface with VISA, American Express, and Mastercard payment options.
Halodot Link Logo

Halo.Link is a companion app that allows your existing app to process contactless card transactions. Your branding and style can be applied to the companion app.

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Illustration mockup of Halodot SDK, showcasing its features and functionality for seamless integration.
Halodot SDK Logo

Halo.SDK is a software development kit that allows integrators to embed a contactless tap into their own mobile apps. It complies with all PCI and data protection standards and provides secure pin entry (pin on glass) functionality.

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Illustration of Halodot Core
Halodot Core Logo

Halo.Core provides L2 certified payment kernels for various card schemes. These can be used to increase your acceptance on SoftPOS.

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Turn any phone into a POS device

SoftPOS means no additional hardware required - an easy-to-use software application that enables payment acceptance on any Android device.

Certified & Secure.

Halo Dot is fully certified by major card schemes and aligned with PCI standards. Uses the same EMV security standards of chip-based cards.

The solution has been rigorously tested by independent PCI laboratories and approved by Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

Scalable software.

As a software solution, Halo Dot can scale almost infinitely. Mobile Apps are downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), we scale our infrastructure globally, across multiple AWS regions.

Preferred Payment Option.

Apply Pay & Samsung Pay continue to fuel the rapid adoption and use of NFC-based contactless payments.

Halo Dot is primed and ready to benefit from this mega trend.

Illustration Mockup of Phone to POS


Stay up to date with the latest news with Halo Dot.

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