Welcome to halo dot

Somewhere between science and magic

We see a world where payments are easier than ever before, where we break through barriers and allow everyone access to the economy. We see a world where business is easier. Our mission is to introduce technology that will change the world. Halo Dot - somewhere between science and magic.

For Everyone

Because it’s time for magic

Introducing the first tap on phone technology in Africa.

halo dot TAP is first in Africa technology that allows merchants to accept payments on their phones. Customers need simply tap their phones to make payments. Payments below R500 don’t require a pin, making halo dot TAP perfect for the low-touch economy.

It’s time that payments were seamless, contactless and safe.

It’s time that everyone is able to access efficient cashless transactions.

It’s time everyone is included from multinational retailers to online entities to informal traders to car-guards. halo dot TAP is for everyone who thrives on contactless instant payments and strive for real business growth.

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