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Embedded payments and security to integrate into your Apps

Halo Dot SDK is a software development kit that allows integrators to embed a contactless payments into their own mobile apps.

It is a fully isolated SDK that meets the requirements of PCI MPoC.

It complies with all PCI and data protection standards and provides secure pin entry (pin on glass) functionality. As an isolated SDK, it takes care of all device management, attestation, payment kernels and security. This reduces development effort and improves compliance for integrators.

Illustration mockup of Halodot SDK, showcasing its features and functionality for seamless integration.

What’s included

Halodot SDK Access to documentation and SDK Mockup Illustration

Access to documentation and SDK

We provide documentation and guides for developers working with our SDK. Sample code and projects are also available for different frameworks like Kotlin, Flutter and React Native.

Halodot SDK Preparation for PCI Lab Evaluation Mockup Illustration.

Preparation for PCI Lab Evaluation

Integrators will need to submit their own Apps to a PCI lab for MPoC certification. We provide documentation and checklists to help fast-track your route to compliance.

Halodot SDK Technical Guidance - from zero to production Mockup Illustration.

Technical Guidance - from zero to production

There are numerous certifications needed to launch a SoftPOS solution. We provide guidance for each step of the process, including preparation for PCI labs and testing support in the L3 certification process.

Best suited for these customers

Restaurant chains, retail chains, payment gateways, acquirers, merchant aggregators, PSP’s and ecommerce gateways looking to do card preset transactions, charities and causes, events.



Have questions? We’ve got answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch.

What should we consider when using the SDK?

Our SDK provides the highest level of security and protection for payment data. A key requirement for your own App is to ensure security and protection mechanisms are covered adequately. By using the SDK on App initialisation, we take care of all these requirements. This ensure that you don’t duplicate effort in achieving the security needed.

Does the SDK work with mobile frameworks like React?

Yes, the SDK is fully compatible with a range of different coding frameworks. We have code samples and plug-ins available to help accelerate the integration process.

Is your SDK certified as a Full SDK?

Yes, our SDK is certified as a Full SDK in accordance with the Visa specifications, but is also recognised by the other schemes as a Full SDK. In terms of MPoC, our SDK would be classified as a fully isolating SDK.

What other functions does the SDK provide?

In addition to payment functionality, the SDK also has a method for connecting to bluetooth printers or PEDs. It also has a method available for authentication, which could be used for Secure Customer Authentication (SCA).

Have more questions?

Head to our FAQ page for answers, alternatively contact us for more information.

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Experience it yourself

Download Halo.Go from the Google Play Store and experience a contactless payment on your own device. All transactions are voided so there are no charges.

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