Tailor our pre-certified white label payment app with chosen features and your unique brand.

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Customise our pre-certified white-label App with selected features and your own brand.

Halo Dot Plus  allows you to apply your brand to a pre-certified app and rapidly deploy a SoftPOS solution without any development or additional compliance requirements.

This is a baseline solution that can be customised further for your specific needs.

Halo Dot Plus is great for any business that wants to easily accept payments without taking on any in-house development or PCI compliance related to SoftPOS.

Mockup image of Halodot Plus mobile interface featuring custom branding options.

What’s included

Halodot Plus SoftPOS APP Mobile App Mockup

Branded SoftPOS App

As a standalone application, Halo.Plus can be branded according to your guidelines and corporate identity to accept payments. This allows for a clear flow in look and feel across all your business.

Halodot Plus Branded Merchant Portal Application Mockup.

Branded Merchant Portal

The merchant portal  is branded to match your Halo.Plus application, reflecting your business’ corporate identity. All merchants using your payment acceptance solution will be able to access their transaction data remotely, in real time.

Halodot Plus Remote Support Portal Application mockup

Remote Support Portal

The support portal is branded to match your Halo.Plus application, reflecting your business identity. You will be able to access all merchant information remotely, in real time.

Halodot Plus Certification and Production Testing Illustration Mockup.

Certification and Production Testing

By using Halo.Plus, you will not have to do any PCI compliance related certification related to SoftPOS. If you use an existing acquirer you will not need to perform L3 testing, otherwise you will need to perform an L3 test.


Have questions? We’ve got answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch.

Can I use a card reader device with Halo.Plus?

Halo.Plus is a SoftPOS solution that has been developed by Synthesis and certified for use with the major card schemes. Halo.Plus includes the digital onboarding of new merchants and multiple payment options (Tap on Phone or QR). Halo.Plus comes pre-certified for use and is the most efficient way to launch your own SoftPOS product.

What other payment methods can I use with Halo.Plus?

mPOS, Pay by Link, Cash, QR codes,

Is any integration required?

This depends on your acquiring setup. If you are using one of our existing payment processors, no additional work is required. If you need us to integrate via your own processor or switch, then additional once-off development is required.

Can merchants be onboarded with Halo.Plus?

We don’t handle onboarding at this point, the onboarding and KYC process is handled externally by our customers, and they do this with their merchants.

Have more questions?

Head to our FAQ page for answers, alternatively contact us for more information.

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