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What is Halo Dot?

Halo Dot is a contactless card payment technology that allows merchants to make sales and accept payments directly on their mobile phones.

Customers simply tap their payment card on the Merchant’s device to complete a safe and secure contactless payment.

Our Tap-on-Phone technology has been developed for Android devices and has been certified for Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Halo Dot is a contactless card payment technology that allows merchants to make sales and accept payments directly on their mobile phones.
Easy to Get Started

Using Halo Dot is simple. Download the app, enter your credentials and begin trading. You no longer need to purchase POS devices, pay installation and start-up fees or large percentages of your profits.

Single NFC Android Device

All you need is an NFC enabled Android Device. No more need for unnecessary devices or paper jams because nothing should get in the way of you accepting a payment.

Latest Contactless Technology

Halo Dot makes use of the latest contactless technology as traditional POS terminals, not compromising on any security, upkeep and maintenance costs.

Some features

Tap on Phone Ready

Halo Dot provides a leading and highly secure Tap on Phone solution. Halo Dot has been live since 30 June 2020 and is now part of the Scheme Pilots for Tap on Phone with PIN. Approved by Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Authorising your payment.

Cloud Security Platform

Powered by AWS, our Cloud Security Platform provides global availability and scalability to manage terminals and payment processing. The platform’s terminal management enforces device management, attestation, and parameters for the terminal. Hardware Security Modules are integrated into the platform for key generation and encryption. Lastly, the payment adaptors handle processing to acquirers via API or direct Switch integration.


Leveraging our Cloud Platform, multiple integration options are available to Banks and PSP’s. Halo Dot provider payment adaptors that connect to specific acquirer/PSP systems. Customers may use our existing integrations or custom adaptors to cater for bespoke implementations.

PIN on Glass

Approved for PIN Entry on COTS devices, Halo Dot now provides PIN Entry for all transactions above the contactless limit. Our software-based PIN Entry provides the widest coverage for Android devices without compromising on security. PIN Entry is captured using a Trusted Application that leverages the best software protection available today.

PIN Management

Keystone is a separate product that provides digital PIN Management solution, allowing customers to view or change their PIN number through web, App or voice channels. This is usually embedded within a bank’s mobile App or online banking. Keystone provides a secure way to manage PIN and can be implemented on-prem or in cloud throughout AWS hosted solution.

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