Bringing the Tech and the Fin to Money20/20

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Pierre Aurel
Managing Executive

Money20/20 is the premier event in the world's Fintech calendar. Global leaders take the stage to discuss their learnings and ideas, new Fintech entrants, and ambitious entrepreneurs in search of customers showcase their innovative products and services. According to Pierre Aurel, Product Director at Halo Dot, the event is the Fintech equivalent of the Oscars where global players, investors and vendors discover the innovators that count.

“It sets the stage for FinTech disruptors to showcase their work and how they are resolving current pain points within the financial sector,” says Aurel. “People attend the conference to see which businesses are driving the trends and solving challenges that impact the industry and the people it serves.”

Money20/20 isn’t a space where deals are done, it’s a space where relationships are built, and connections are made. The disruptive topics on display at this year’s event were cryptocurrencies, NFTs, trust, identity management, security and contactless payments. Therefore Halo Dot, a game changing contactless card payment platform, felt right at home at the event this year.

“Halo Dot meets a very important customer need – faster, easier, safer” says Aurel. “We live in a world that wants payments to be faster and simpler, not because customers and companies are entitled, but to ensure they can keep up with constant innovation and technology evolution. With Halo Dot, contactless payments are fast and secure, but most of all - simple to use, because all you need is your smartphone.”

Halo Dot provides small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with low-cost technology that allows them to easily accept payments from anywhere, on any device. It ditches the need for expensive and clunky hardware by putting all the Point-of-Sale (POS)payment capabilities onto a mobile phone. A business can download an app and start accepting card payments without any additional hardware.

The Halo Dot solution stood out at the event, a fresh look at POS, taking the complexity out of payments for SMEs and entrepreneurs with built-in security and accessibility. Thanks to its unique value proposition and functionality, HaloDot turned more than a few heads at Money20/20.

“It was refreshing to see that there were more SoftPOS providers than ever before at the event,” concludes Aurel. “It’s clear that this technology is becoming mainstream, and this validates that we have created a solution that’s both relevant and innovative. We differentiate  ourselves through Halo Dots’ ease of use, rich feature set and modularity – providing a fit for payment solution providers and acquirers.”

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